Organization Applying for the Membership of the EAP National Platform Shall Meet Following Criteria:

It shall:
• be Georgia registered local or international non-commercial, non-profit legal entity, which shares goals and values of the EaP National Platform; no public law legal entities shall have right to apply;
• be registered in accordance to the Georgian legislation no later than 2 years before the moment of submitting membership application to the EaP National Platform;
• have at least 1 year working experience in any field of at least one of out of four thematic platforms of the EaP;
• have relevant human resource for stable participation in the platform’s activities.

The applicant shall submit written application on membership to the steering committee. For that purpose, the organization fills in the application form and approves it with the signature of the head /authoritative representative of the organization and organization seal. The filled-in application form is sent to the secretariat of the platform to the following email address:  

Contact persons indicated in the application form shall not be public figures or senior officials of political parties.

Applicant organization shall participate in the activities of at least one working group in accordance to its activity field and experience.

The application form shall be enclosed with:

1. Copy of registration document in accordance to the Georgian legislation (issued no later than 1 months earlier);
2. copy of the organization’s statute;
3. contact information of two platform member organizations which knows the applicant, its experience, human resources and which might be contacted by the steering committee for the recommendation.