A meeting was held at Akaki Tsereteli University of Kutaisi, which aimed to inform the public about the issues of joining the European Union and the granting of the candidate country status. The Georgian National Platform was the initiative of the public meeting with the active involvement of regional representatives of Kutaisi

University students, professors and representatives of Kutaisi civil society participated in the public discussion. The discussion was chaired by the chairman of the GNP, Nino Chkhobadze and his deputy, Lasha Tugushi.

At the meeting, they talked about the importance of granting the EU candidate status, what opportunities Georgia will have and what obligations it will have to fulfil. It was emphasized that the candidate status is the first and really very important stage of joining the EU, the countries with the status have the condition that they will become EU members, although it depends on them how quickly they can do it. The conversation touched on the importance of European integration. Clearly was mentioned that Georgia has no other option but to join the European Union.

A number of reports were prepared about the meeting in various media.