On February 28, members of the Coordination Council of the Georgian National Platform and representatives of the member organisations of GNP met with the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia.

The purpose of the meeting was to share opinions on the draft law “transparency of foreign influence” prepared and initiated by several representatives of the majority of the Parliament of Georgia.

The members of the National Platform clearly stated that the initiated draft law is unconstitutional and against Western values. Representatives of the civil society believe that the adoption of the draft law at the first reading, at the level of principles, is inadmissible and will be harmful to the country, as it will damage the European future of Georgia and prevent our country from obtaining the candidate status. Also, from the point of view of democratic development, the adoption of the draft law will damage the processes of democratic development in the country. Accordingly, representatives of GNP appealed to the Chairman to reject the implementation of the process that harms Georgia’s European future.