Sven Mikser, MEP, the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Georgia delivered a speech at the joint sitting of the European Integration and Foreign Relations Committees held in the Parliament of Georgia.

It is noteworthy to mention that it was the first time when a Member of the European Parliament participated in the sitting of the committee, which will further deepen the cooperation between the Parliament of Georgia and the European Parliament.

In his speech delivered at the joint sitting of the committees, among other important things, Sven Mikser spoke about the ongoing processes in Ukraine, the Russian aggression, the environment and threats in the region, the Association Agreement and the importance of facilitating its implementation.

“It is important to note that there is significant progress in various areas covered by the Association Agreement, but further efforts need to be taken in some areas and that is primarily the responsibility of the executive branch.

 The EU and the European Parliament do not provide only moral support for the implementation of the Association Agreement. These reforms are very important for us,” the MEP stated.

In his speech, he focused on the political environment in the country and critically assessed both, the ongoing polarization process and the facts of failure to reach consensus. “Georgians consider compromise as a sign of weakness,” Sven Mikser said.

The joint sitting of the committees was attended by representatives of the member organizations of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform (EaP CSF GNP).

After the speech delivered by the MEP, the sitting continued in in a question-and-answer mode with the participation of MPs and the representative of the Georgian National Platform.