On February 12, at the NATO and EU Information Center, a sectoral meeting was held on the basis of a Memorandum between the Government of Georgia and the Georgian National Platform, on the topic:

1. Status of energy reforms, deadlines and possible cooperation to improve the sector;
2. Situation in the gas sector:
a. Turning the North-South gas pipeline into a transparent regulation framework
b. The future of the gas sector and the protection of the economy sector from monopoly prices. Opportunities to create a competitive environment in the gas sector
3. Transparency in hydropower project management and public hearings
4. The need for energy strategy and research
a. Study of resources – availability of water resources, wind, sun
b. The need for climate forecasts
c. Annual meteorological and hydrological forecasts, etc. Connection with the academic sector

The meeting was attended by the Chair of the National Platform, as well as the coordinators of the third working group and the member organizations of the platform, which are actively working on energy and environmental issues.

The meeting was attended by state agencies:

  1. Davit Bujiashvili – EU Assistance Coordination and Sectoral Integration Department. director
  2. Davit Tvalabeishvili – Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Deputy Minister.
  3. Zaza Chikhradze – Head of Energy Reforms and Projects Department
  4. Davit Mirtskhulava – Energy Development Fund
  5. Nugzar Khaindrava – Energy Development Fund

The current processes in the sector were discussed at the meeting, as well as the prospects of future cooperation were outlined and working meetings were planned.