Today, on December 3, at the initiative of the Georgian National Platform, a charity event was held – “Europe-Book Love”. As part of the charity event, the member organizations of the platform visited a public school in the village of Tsitelubnani, Gori Municipality, near the occupation line.
At the initiative of the Coordinating Council of the Georgian National Platform, we donated up to 200 extracurricular reading cognitive-educational literature to the library of the mentioned school
Tsitelubani Public School is basic and 48 students are registered.
A similar event was very gratifying for the children and the school management.
Their library has become really diverse and more interesting today.
Similar activities will definitely continue in the future, so that the member organizations of the National Platform consider every step taken for the education of children and for a better future important.
We thank the Director of the school, and children for warm welcome.