Today, on October 18, at the NATO and EU Information Center, on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Georgia and the Georgian National Platform, a sectoral meeting was held on the topic:
• Audio-Visual Media Directive: Amendments to the Law on Broadcaster and Electronic Communications;
• E-commerce and related changes.

The meeting was attended by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia:
• David Bujiashvili – EU Assistance Coordination and Sectoral Integration Department.

Director of the Ministry of Economy:
• Eka Kubusidze – Head of the Department of Communications and Information and Modern Technologies of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development Representatives of the Georgian National Communications Commission:
• Ivane Makharadze – Head of the Audiovisual Media Services Regulation Department • Vakhtang Abashidze – Member of the Commission;
• Mariam Sulaberidze – Head of International Relations and Project Management Service;
• Lana Beridze – Head of the Public Relations Department of the Commission;

As well as representatives of member organizations of the Georgian National Platform.